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It's easy to earn extra money from our web hosting referral program. Just sign up here and click affiliate tab in the menu to activate it. You will get a link that you can add to your website, social media, email, or whatever you can think of. If anyone signs up through your link, you get cash. Get a $10 start bonus for just having 5 visitors click through your affiliate link.

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*You can refer unlimited accounts that are not used by you or your business. You can request to get paid at any point past $100 with Paypal, checks, account credit, even Wire transfers if needed (additional fees for wire transfer). Payout can only be made after the customer has stayed past the 45 day money back period and any billing time that may be at risk. If a credit card is used you there is a 6 month wait to make sure no charge back is made. If a customer cancels before three months without a reason, we reserve the right to remove them from a referral. These are just to avoid people sending fake referrals, if you send people normally you will get paid on time and well. We want you to make money, if done honestly it's a win/win.