Data Center. Enterprise connectivity.

Our main data centers are connected to the best networks on the planet, we then connect them all together to create one mega-network.

global network

High Speed

Over 20 of the fastest global connections all multi-honed for full redundancy.

Power Distribution

Every data center has over 30 days available with back up UPS power supplys.

Green Web Hosting

We are proud to announce that we run almost half of our data centers and fully renewable energy. More details

Redundant Backups

Our data centers back up each other. If any issues happen in one data center we still have everything in two more data centers for total security.

Industrial Hardware

Every data center is built with the latest technology available. From copper wires to 100% air flow for every server to run cool and at its best.


Every data center requires two proofs of ID for all employees. All visitors have to be escorted by a verified top level client.