Some new opportunities for 2017

As we constantly look for ways to improve, we have a couple targets already set for 2017 to look forward to: • Transition to more SSD hard drives on shared and VPS servers.• Significantly coolor server infastructure.• Significant updates to customer experience.• An expanded product selection and more robust support.• Opportunities for ... Read More »

20th Dec 2016

Cold Aisle Containment Project – Status Update

It’s officially been three months since we have begun implementing cold aisle containment within our Los Angeles datacenter. The project has seen positive and significant results since the completion of this project. Cold Aisle containment allows for energy efficiency, the concept behind it is containing the cold air in cold aisles, to ... Read More »

20th Dec 2016

Get the new Quick Books Self Employed for half off

Looking for a way to manage your business expenses easily? The new Quick Books self employed makes it a cinch.

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8th Dec 2016