85% of People Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses

 Oct 8th

Most people surveyed recently were just as likely to turn to the internet, as they were to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses. For business owners, this is a good indication that now more than ever, it’s important to have a strong online presence. We’ve highlighted a few key takeaways from the survey below: 1) “There ... Read More »

Transferring Wordpress to a new web host in 10 steps

 Oct 8th

I just moved over a customer today with WordPress and he was so happy to be transfered away from another host and amazed how easy it was I realized a lot people might be stuck on a bad host out of fear. I just wanted to explain exactly how easy it is to move your site. First of all WebHost.pro offers free site moving for any WordPress site. We ... Read More »

Phasing out Box Trapper Spam Box

 Oct 8th

Box Trapper is being phased out per Spam blacklists taking the reply email as a form of Spam. This is getting the servers blacklisted with Spam lists. We added more option in Spam Assassin that will allow for more Spam protection. There is also third party services like SpamArrest.com that have Spam box formats if you still want to use that type ... Read More »

5 quick and easy ways to keep WordPress happy

 Oct 8th

1. Install WP Super Cache it’s the number best way to lower the load on a WordPress website. 2. Remove tags, you can do this by simple adding this in the css file: Edit the style.css file and add this code to make your tags disappear with a huge chuck of access load use..tags {display: none;} 3. Uninstall the google xml sitemap or any ... Read More »

Easy Apache will start phasing out of Apache 2.2

 Oct 8th

In about 2 months, the Basic profile in EasyApache will build Apache 2.4 by default. This change will not alter existing EasyApache profiles that build Apache 2.2. If you plan to update from an existing Apache 2.2 installation to Apache 2.4, we strongly recommend that you build in a test environment before you migrate Apache versions on a ... Read More »

How to forward EMail to a free Email service

 Oct 8th

If you want to forward EMail to a free service like GMail, Hotmail, or Yahoo, you will need to add your EMail to your contacts in your free EMail service. Each one is differant but if you log into your free EMail service you can usually see the contacts tab or link on the first screen. It should simple say "contacts". Some free EMail services even ... Read More »


 Sep 23rd

It's been a busy couple weeks adding the new billing system. There has been some ups and downs (mostly ups) but the best news is that the new account manager is ready. It's just a matter of time before the accounts will be moved over. For now we are moving customers each day and when billing becomes ready. We appreciate your patience and thank you ... Read More »


 Sep 11th

As you may of noticed we are migrating to a new billing system. Please log in and update any details that may of been missed during the transition. The new system is pretty handy, you can run multiple services in one account now and better domain registration management. Just go here to login: https://webhost.pro/account/clientarea.phpIf you have ... Read More »