A quick video on how to update your payment preferences

Here is a quick video that walks you through how to choose a default payment. You can change this anytime and when paying an invoice you can bypass the default setting.

17th Apr 2018

Our new credit card billing processor 2CheckOut is now live

After abruptly ending our partnership with Strip we have found our first processor to take over credit card payments. 2CheckOut has been around for over a decade in fact we used them back in 2006 but needed more control at the time. Now over ten years later we're really impressed with their system. They have an app, an intuitive interface, and ... Read More »

17th Apr 2018

We just added three new TLDs

As of today we now have registration for:  .site .online .website Each one can be registered between one year and five years. The prices vary for each domain and there is no discount for buying multiple years. Sorry! The price structure is: .site - $24.99 a year .online - $39.99 a year .website - $19.99 a year Like all of our domains, ... Read More »

30th Mar 2018

New 20% off G-Suite coupons just in

G Suite Basic
Unused US Code | Expires 09/2018


G Suite Basic
Unused US Code | Expires 09/2018


7th Mar 2018

cPanel will be managing Wordpress in a big way this year

What to Expect for cPanel WordPress Integration in 2018 cPanel has been providing WordPress via Site Software for several years, however, there have been some limitations. In the past year, we have sought to not only remove those limitations but also provide server and site administrators with new capabilities. In June of last year, we ... Read More »

6th Feb 2018

New features coming soon..

We are happy to announce three new features coming early next month. Text Phone Support Our new phone system will now allow for customers to text us. This will be great for emergency situations and fast low tech level replies.  File Level Backup Restoration Restore individual files from an account backup whether you’re a WHM user or a ... Read More »

23rd Jan 2018

3 quick security tips

It's very rare to have any websites issue. I just have a safer the better mentality. With that said, I wanted to list the top ways to keep your website extra safe. 1. Change your password every six months or so. Also if possible, use a different password for each website. A neat trick is to simply add something about the website to your normal ... Read More »

19th Jan 2018

New G-Suite Coupon Codes

Your Coupon Codes   You have 1 coupon code to share. Here's a sample:   G Suite BasicUnused US Code | Expires 07/2018 V4M6XE9PHN4RXJE   G Suite BasicUnused US Code | Expires 07/2018 V4M6XE9PHN4RXJE   Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year on ... Read More »

5th Jan 2018

New free Wordpress theme added to the download section

We added a free modern and responsive template that we love. It's called Shapely and it is very simple and clean. Your cutom images is what will really set it's style.

Here is an image to give you an idea: 

Free Wordpress Theme

Download section

30th Dec 2017

Make sure and add us to your E-mail whitelist and contacts

Some free E-mail services like everyone.net and mail.com will block E-mails that are not listed in the E-mail acounts contacts or whitelist.

Our E-mails are important information for your account and we NEVER send spam or junk mail.

Our public E-mails are: 

cs@webhost.pro and newaccounts@dwhs.net

29th Nov 2017