Credit Card payments being held

 Jan 31st

We are holding all direct credit card payments to review for the time being until our new fraud system is in place. It shouldn't be much longer but for now all direct credit card payments will show declined or held until we can manaully approce them. We check for payments multiple times everyday.

Using Paypal will work the same as before.

Sorry, a pretty bad cold has gone around the office.

 Jan 24th

Since last Saturday the customer service teams and managers have caught a nasty bug. We are working from home until everyone is better. This has made support a little slower than normal. We are hopeful everyone will be back to normal within the week. Lot's of water, echinacea, and healthy food is working as hard as it can.Thank you for your ... Read More »

cPanel now allows for new users to be added

 Jan 2nd

Another great new option in cPanel is the user manager. To use this option click the people icon to the left. 

There you can add and remove users with certain privileges like Email, FTP, and disk space access.

Some new opportunities for 2017

 Dec 20th

As we constantly look for ways to improve, we have a couple targets already set for 2017 to look forward to: • Transition to more SSD hard drives on shared and VPS servers.• Significantly coolor server infastructure.• Significant updates to customer experience.• An expanded product selection and more robust support.• Opportunities for ... Read More »

Cold Aisle Containment Project – Status Update

 Dec 20th

It’s officially been three months since we have begun implementing cold aisle containment within our Los Angeles datacenter. The project has seen positive and significant results since the completion of this project. Cold Aisle containment allows for energy efficiency, the concept behind it is containing the cold air in cold aisles, to ... Read More »

Get the new Quick Books Self Employed for half off

 Dec 8th

Looking for a way to manage your business expenses easily? The new Quick Books self employed makes it a cinch.

With our discount you get it for $5 a month. This includes the APP and Software for 50% off.

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RV Site Builder is getting a major update

 Nov 11th

We’re delighted to reveal that the all-new RVsitebuilder version 6 will launch within this November. This update provides exciting features that let you simpler present your beautiful idea online. RVsitebuilder 6 includes a number of new features:  • New editor's interface and tools • Easier to use - drag & drop editor • New ... Read More »

Network maintenance is scheduled tonight 11/6/2016

 Nov 6th

We will be doing several upgrades and maintenace tonight on all networks. This includes upgrades to the DDoS system and general networks shaping. There should be no downtime or less than 10 seconds if we need to do reboots on the routers.

Speed and security upgrades

 Nov 3rd

This week will finish our upgrade that will include these improvements.DNSSEC This will protect your website from one of the most widely exploited exploit vectors.   SNI support on cPanel services With SNI support added to all of cPanel's services, certificate warnings are a thing of the past. cPanel, WHM, webmail and more in version 60 will all ... Read More »

Have a great Halloween weekend

 Oct 29th

We just wanted to wish everything a great Halloween weekend and to please be safe.

Everyone at Web Host Pro