There are 6 main ways most websites are built.

1. Site Publisher

Site publisher is the easiest way anywhere on the Internet to get a modern good looking website live. The drawback is it only has one page for now. We are working on adding more options and templates quickly. This is a great way to add a parked page, business image, business card site, contact information site, resume, or personal site.

2. A CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal

WordPress is the most common way to build a website. It has thousands of paid and free templates available. It is considered the easiest way to run an advanced website.

3. Online Site Builder

An online website builder is the easiest and the second most common way to build a site for beginners. These are very limited and should be used for basic websites. We have RV Site Builder for bigger websites and our own Site Publisher for a quick one page website. Both have free modern responsive templates.

4. Web Builder Program

Web builders like NVU or Dreamweaver will give you the most control over your site and more ability to add options later. This is how the pros build a site and is harder to learn.

5. Shopping Cart

Shopping carts normally take over your whole website. It is used to manage products and how your website will look. We offer Magento (the most popular cart on the web) and several others with our one click installer. There are thousands of templates available on the web for all the shopping carts we have. Keep in mind you will need a billing processor like Paypal to use with any shopping cart.

6. Script and Apps

Technically Wordpress and Shopping Carts are Apps. They are just so common they needed their own section. There is also hundreds of other scripts made for very specific websites. For example; if you want a social network they have hundreds of apps made just for social networking websites. Just like Wordpress and Shopping carts most apps have several templates available and in most cases will take over the look and control of the website.