Want an extra $10? Well it’s as easy as telling your friends to try out Web Host Pro. Just cut and paste the message below in your social networks and grab a quick $10 off your bill for each sign up. We can even make you a custom 10% off coupon that you can give them to track your sales. Just ask!

Looking for great Web Host, then look no further. Our host https://WebHost.Pro
has an easy site builder, WordPress, and prices start at just $3. Not bad for a quality host! Make sure and let me know if you sign up so I get $10 off my bill. You can also use the 10% coupon: bigten

To get the custom coupon for tracking, just put a ticket in and we will set it up for you. Or all you have to do is let us know they signed up or have them tell us about you.

If you are not a customer, we will set up an account to have your details on file.

This is great for any business. For example:

Computer store
Sign store
Phone store
Website Owner
Web Designer

Any brick and mortar business can just let people know about WebHost.Pro with their custom coupon and get $10 or more for each sign up.

It’s so easy and can make you a $100 a month or more in no time while helping your customers.

If you have any questions let us know, custom solutions like printed cards just for you can be done.

Thank you!
All of us at Web Host Pro

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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