After constant complaints on cPanel's license price increases we managed to get them to lower the price a little more us.

Now if you have 5 or less accounts your cPanel will only be $13 a month. All prices still are month to month with no option to pay for more time at once. If you use addon domains, they will not count against your main account limit.

We also got a dollar of each other package as listed here: 

  • cPanel admin cloud $13.00 - 5 or less main accounts.
  • cPanel auto scale internal ? - This is a higher price plan that auto adjusts to your package for you. If you fluctuate your amount of accounts, this can help not paying for more than you need.
  • cPanel plus cloud $26.00 - 50 or less main accounts.
  • cPanel premier cloud $33.00 - Unlimited main accounts.
  • cPanel pro cloud $18.00 - 30 or less main accounts.

These prices are still not etched in stone as even cPanel is having so much blow back from all their users on the big price increase. We are hoping to see even more lower prices in the future.

Monday, August 12, 2019

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