If you haven't heard about the fairly new Internet browser Brave. It's causing a lot of waves because it blocks ad tracking in most situations. At tracking is those ads that keep track of your browser history and follows you to each new site. Normal banners and test ads work as normal. The reason to block these type of ads is for more privacy and faster website loading times. Brave browser boasts about being 3 times faster than Chrome and I can attest that it is faster and things seem to just work better.

It's based on the same core as Chrome so it works and looks very similar.

The only downfall I've seen is that you can't sync other platforms with iPhone yet. But you can with Android, Windows, and Linux. This just means on your iPhone, you'll have your own set up bookmarks for now.

There is a lot more interesting things about Brave you can see on their site here: https://brave.com/

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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