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We’re delighted to reveal that the all-new RVsitebuilder version 6 will launch within this November. This update provides exciting features that let you simpler present your beautiful idea online.

RVsitebuilder 6 includes a number of new features: 

• New editor's interface and tools
• Easier to use - drag & drop editor
• New professional templates
• Better website customization

And much more!

Info for Users
Because this update is all-new, so the new editor doesn't support the old website that made from RVsitebuilder version 5.4 and earlier. That's mean to use RVsitebuilder 6; you have to create the new site using the new editor.

You still be able to edit website made previously without any problem. It will bring you to RVsitebuilder v5 editor just single click on "Switch Version" function. And you can suddenly enjoy creating your new websites with RVsitebuilder SIX editor by hitting the same. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

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