cPanel prices have lowered (a little).

After constant complaints on cPanel's license price increases we managed to get them to lower the price a little more us. Now if you have 5 or less accounts your cPanel will only be $13 a month. All prices still are month to month with no option to pay for more time at once. If you use addon domains, they will not count against your main account ... Read More »

12th Aug 2019
Find us on SLACK here

We'll be getting more involved with Slack over the next couple months. Feel free to join our channel anytime. Slack can be used for general communication with Web Host Pro and level one customer service at this time.

6th Jul 2019
cPanel license price structure changing

CPanel shocked us with a drastic price increase on all licenses. The pricing structure now is very different. Up to 5 accounts: Admin licenses are $19.00 a month Up to 30 accounts: Pro licenses are $29.00 a month Up to 100 accounts: Premier licenses are $45.00 a month with additional accounts at $0.20 each We're suggesting if you can no ... Read More »

4th Jul 2019
We are doing some database cleaning today, sorry for any lag.

We are cleaning out old accounts today, this can put a lot of stress on the account manager system. We are sorry if you notice any lag. We'll have the clean up finished by 07/03/2019 12 AM PAC time.

2nd Jul 2019