New G-Suite Coupon Codes

Your Coupon Codes   You have 1 coupon code to share. Here's a sample:   G Suite BasicUnused US Code | Expires 07/2018 V4M6XE9PHN4RXJE   G Suite BasicUnused US Code | Expires 07/2018 V4M6XE9PHN4RXJE   Each promotion code provides 20% off the first year on ... Read More »

5th Jan 2018
New free Wordpress theme added to the download section

We added a free modern and responsive template that we love. It's called Shapely and it is very simple and clean. Your cutom images is what will really set it's style.

Here is an image to give you an idea: 

Free Wordpress Theme

Download section

30th Dec 2017
Make sure and add us to your E-mail whitelist and contacts

Some free E-mail services like and will block E-mails that are not listed in the E-mail acounts contacts or whitelist.

Our E-mails are important information for your account and we NEVER send spam or junk mail.

Our public E-mails are: and

29th Nov 2017
Scheduled maintenance 11/28/2017

We will be upgrading our back up system, thi will have no effect on your web hosting but might slow down the cPanel system a little when the new back ups are running.We are also upgrading Kernels which will take less than 1 minute offline during the reboot process.We are upgrading all Easy plans to have more CPU power.Last but not least we will be ... Read More »

27th Nov 2017