Our main server is running a little slow today

Sorry for any delays loading the account manager and Web Host Pro. We are doing some back end work on the main server that will cause a little lag throughout the day.

9th May 2019
We’ll be a little shorter staffed than normal this weekend.

For Easter we have a couple of our tech team members off for the weekend. We still will have 24 hour support, but it may take a little while longer if things get busy. We suggest adding a ticket using the I’m in a hurry option for any pertinent issues.

Thank you and Happy Easter!

The Web Host Pro support team.

20th Apr 2019
We've expanded our DNS editor in cPanel to allow more options.

You can now add and manage (AAAA, CAA, SRV, TXT) DNS entries in your cPanel DNS editor. If the options are not on your server yet, just let us know and we'll add them right away.

17th Apr 2019
Check your PHP version in cPanel.

After the updates last night we have been informed some websites PHP versions have been moved up. If you have an older script or app, that could be an issue. We suggest taking a quick look and make sure the PHP version you have is working ok. 

25th Mar 2019
MySQL 5.5 is officially dying this week.

cPanel announced yesterday that it will block all updates to the server if it still uses MySQL 5.5. This means if you have been putting off upgrading your MySQL server wide, now is the time to do it. Not getting updates mean security and performance issues will soon follow. If you have a password warning for old MySQL users that use the old ... Read More »

21st Mar 2019
Kernel updates today!

Don't panic, today is just the Kernel update day. This means we need to reboot each machine after the update. This takes the server offline for about 90 seconds.

20th Mar 2019
Our new and improved web builder is coming soon!

Our new web builder is in the final stages and looks amazing, bug free, and as always.. easy to use. Do to RV Site Builder not fixing the bugs and issues they have had ongoing, we have been working on a new web builder. We have always liked how simple RV is to use, but if it's not stable, it's not worth using long term. The great news is that we ... Read More »

19th Mar 2019
We're updating our website code today! It can look funny.

We're updating all pages on our site to work with some new features. This means for a couple hours, you will see some color changes and formatting errors. We should have the updates added and the code matched up correctly by the end of today. All functions will still work the same. It's just for looks!

5th Mar 2019
Prefer using a credit card on file for auto pay?

Now customers with a long history with Web Host Pro can add a credit card on file for auto payments. This will allow for easier payments when due dates approach and easier control over updated cards when needed. If you would like this please add a ticket in the billing department to change your account. We'll update it right away!

13th Feb 2019