What are the best web hosting service billing services?

There are many web hosting billing options that help automate your web hosting service. We just wanted to make a list and our thoughts on the most popular ones.

  1. WHMCS
    Pros: WHMCS is the far leader for web hosting automation and billing services because it fits closely with cPanel and is updated often. 
    Cons: WHMCS uses a lot power so it requires a high end hosting account or VPS. It is also one of the most expensive options long term.
    Starting price: $15.95/mo
  2. Blesta
    Pros: Blesta is the most modern and clean design web hosting automation and billing solution.
    Cons: Blesta has been known to have bugs and lacks updates and continual support.
    Starting price: $12.95/mo
  3. BILLmanager
    Pros: Its design is simplistic yet packed with options and settings that can make it fit any role in your online business.
    Cons: Not as much integration and automation as most web hosting billing solutions.
    Starting price: $13.52/mo
  4. Clientexec
    Pros: An intuitive interface and lots of integration options.
    Cons: High price and falls short of WHMCS in almost every way.
    Starting price: $16.00/mo
  5. HostBill
    Pros: One time fee and lots of enterprise level options.
    Cons: No low priced option and designed for more enterprise class businesses.
    Starting price: $599/one time
  6. Do it yourself
    Most resellers can just add buy now links from billing companies like Paypal, 2Checkout, WordPay, ect.. After customers pay, you get an email with the details and set it up manually. This takes more work, but it's free and a good way to get familiar with the back end process. Just make sure there is form options with the pay links that include at least the domain name. Probably adding form fields for the username and password is good too.

    We also have tons of free ecommerce and invoice programs available in our free app installer. These will work great if you do not want web hosting automation options.

Even though WHMCS is the most popular by far, there are more options, and like we mentioned, you can manually bill customers as well. We have a free program called Ninja Invoice in Softaculous that works great for this. Starting a web hosting company is already a very low priced business opportunity. A $15 starting investment for the best billing software is not too bad, when you consider there are over 20 million websites and millions of new websites are coming every month. There is plenty of customers available for you to get quickly and cover your costs.

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