Where can I get images from for my website?

Here are good ways to get images for your website listed in order of best to worst.

  1. Take your own pictures

    Getting a nice camera like a DSLR Canon with a nifty fifty lens will do wonders. It’s hard to take a bad photo if you have it in focus and good lighting. Your IPhone and high end Android camera can do just fine as well. make sure to take lots of images on each trip (photo shoot) so you don’t have to several take trips each time you need a picture in the future.

  2. Get photos from a free photo website

    There is a two popular free photo websites:
    https://www.splitshire.com/ & https://www.pexels.com/
    These sites are updated often and have great quality free photos you can use for personal and commercial use. The draw back is there is not a lot of images to choose from.

  3. Buy website stock photo images

    There is many paid stock photo services, and we can’t say which is better because we don’t know. I have used them all now and again and some are more expensive than others, and some have better images than others. Finding the right images is normally the most important part and I have found the best image many times in the trenches of really cheesy stock photos. I like to check several websites for the images I like. Compare prices, check for any specials, and grab the one I like best that’s not too much money. Sometimes though I will splurge if the image is perfect ($5 an image). Be careful though, most stock photos look cheesy and can be over-used. People and Google love original content. That is why doing your own images is the best option on this list.

  4. Google images

    You can find some good images on the Google image search, but most images are not allowed to be re-used and the ones that can, will probably be over-used. You also know Google has cached the image so using it will hurt your SEO rank for sure. Duplicate content always dings your SEO.

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