What is my site slow?

Most websites will run blazing fast 24/7 on our Pro web hosting plans. As much we wish we could host every website on the Internet on this plan. The reality is some websites need more power to run than the Pro plan can provide. Some websites even need a lot more power, like from a VPS or dedicated server. The normal process is to start on the Pro plan and work your way up as your site grows to a dedicated server. Big websites can even have multiple dedicated servers all linked together. Our system allows for seamless upgrades and there is no upgrade or downgrade fees.

If you are seeing CPU and RAM overloading in your cPanel, than you probably need to upgrade or optimize your website more.

The best way to have a fast website is to not use MySQL or PHP. All HTML5 based websites are the fastest and uses the least amount of power. We have several articles on how to speed up your website. Just search the FAQ for the word "load" or "Optimize" or click this link: Optimize your website

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