How do I set up custom name servers?

You can make your own name servers and use them instead of ours with any hosting, reseller, VPS, or dedicated server plan. It is a two step process to complete before the new custom name servers will work.

1. You need to add A records in your local DNS first. You can do this in your advanced DNS tool in your cPanel or the edit a DNS zone tool in your WHM. You can also just add a ticket and we are happy to add the records for you. An example A record is.

ns1 14400 IN A
ns2 14400 IN A

(replace with your actual domain used for the custom name servers). The 14400 ans IN is the default settings so you will just need to add the ns1 A and setting. 

Most people just use two name servers which is all that's needed, we have only have third for extra protection.

2. You now need to register the name servers just like you do a domain name or a business name for example. You do this where your domain is registered. Each register has it's own way of doing this, for example some call it registering a hostname, I have no idea why. Most call it custom name servers or register name servers. This is different than changing or using name servers. You are actually telling ICann that these name servers are used for resolving domains.

You'll need to give them the IPs for the custom name servers to point to. They are:

ns1. points to
ns2. points to

An example would be: pointing to
and pointing to

For hosting and reseller hosting you need to use the settings above, you could technically point them to your DNS but this is risky because you will not have redundancy and if your IP changes everything will fail.

For dedicated servers and  VPS servers you can point them to your main IP or dedicated IPs added to the server. This is great if you don't want to send us a ticket every time you need to change a DNS record.

These IPs are exact so make sure and submit them exactly how they are here. Once submitted most registers take less than three hours to have them be live but can take up to 24 hours.

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