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Web Host Pro Inc. is an American corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles California, Las Vegas Nevada, Seattle Washington, and Santa Ana Costa Rica. We started out sharing a data center in Los Angeles in 1998. We had great success with the internet boom, but did not over-extend ourselves. Maintaining strong growth, our web hosting business grew to our greatest success yet; partially owning a multi-million dollar data center. We are licensed for business in Huntington Beach CA, Santa Barbara CA, Los Angeles CA, Santa Ana Costa Rica, Las Vegas, and Seattle WA. We currently run our corporate offices out of Downtown Los Angeles, California.


Digital Press

Website Planet - February 2020
Web Host Offers Pro High Speed, Green Web Hosting

Digital Journal - May 2019

Digital Journal - April 2019
Web Host Pro makes groundbreaking update to its website builder

Article by Hosting Advice - May 2019
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"Web Host Pro's goal has always been to give customers the attention they deserve, whether it's a blogger about web-building tools or high-level eCommerce."

Digital Journal - October 2018
Web Host Pro Just Acquired a New Domain Which Came with Major Upgrades

Top 10 Web Hosting
WebHost.Pro Review

Digital Journal - April 2018
Web Host Pro Announces the Addition of Three New TLDs

SB Wire - Jan 2018
Web Host Pro adds huge payout web hosting affiliate program

SB Wire - Dec 2017
Data center server upgrades

Voyage LA - October 2017
Get to know Charles from Web Host Pro

All Softic - Aug 2017
E-commerce web hosting

Hosting Review Box - July 2016
Interview with Charles Yarbrough of Web Host Pro

7th Space - July 2016
Web Host Pro Expands options

SB Wire - March 2016
Web Host Pro Expands

PR BUZZ - March 2015
WebHostPro stops paid web design

7th Space - January 2015
New Data Center in Las Vegas

CNN - August 2014
Professional Web Hosting

Release Wire - August 2013
Best free web builder

Release Wire - August, 2014
WebHost.pro partners with WHMCS

Host Search - July 1st, 2014
How WebHost.pro started

SBWire - August 15th, 2013
Best Website Builder

SBWire - June 27th, 2013
Best Web Hosting

SBWire - April 26th, 2013
Faster Web hosting

News Aussie - February 14th, 2013
New Web Hosting Features

PRLOG News - Dec 4th, 2012
New Domain WebHost.Pro

PRWEB News - July 2, 2009
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PRWEB News - January 3, 2006
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Web Host Dir - May 12th, 2003

Web Hosting Unleashed - January 30th, 2003

Web Hosting Resource Kit - December 11th, 2004

PR Buzz
Free web builder

PR Buzz - August 2013
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