Can I use my free domain credit with a domain transfer?

Yes, you can use your free domain credit for a domain you want to transfer to Web Host Pro. It will add a year to your current registration time for free. It is a little tricky to do though since our system does not have it built in yet.

  1. When signing up, choose the option to keep the domain where it is and use our name servers. (the bottom or third domain option)
  2. Then sign up as normal and add the name servers we give you in your welcome email where the domain is already registered.
  3. Once the domain is working with our name servers, get the transfer code from where the domain is currently registered.
  4. Then send us the code via a support ticket mentioning this is a transfer for your free domain.

Eventually we will have this as an option added into our system, for now we just have to make the change manually for you, thanks for checking!

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