Web hosting resource power

What is power resource?

The power resource allotted to your website makes a big difference with what you can run on the site and still keep the site at full speed.


Resource Power


Website power resource is comprised of 5 elements. CPU, RAM, IO, Entry Processes, and Number of Processes. Each plan increases each of these elements as you get a bigger plan. For example; the Easy Plan has a very limited power resource because the price is too low to have a large amount of these sites on a server without it. All plan limits are set to provide the lowest price while still being able to cover the total server costs. Web Host Pro is known as one of the fastest web hosts and has been awarded as the fastest web host year after year. For us to maintain this highest level of web hosting quality, we have to keep track of the server use. Scripts that abuse server resource can be limited to protect the rest of the server. We have a 250k IO file limit on all shared accounts, if you need more please contact us for a custom price.

The Pro Plan has enough power to run over 80% of the Internet's websites. It has a full basic servers worth of power available. It is still limited, but only if the server as a whole needs more power to run it's best.

The Advanced Plan uses servers with no limitation software on them. Essentially running the same power as a dedicated server. The Extreme plan is the same but with less accounts total on the server. Normally limited to four Extreme accounts per server.


For the more technical, here is the specs for each plan:

Easy Plan : 512MB RAM - 10% CPU - 100 entry processes - 50 concurrent connections - 1024 IO speed

Pro Plan : 2GB RAM - 50% CPU - 200 entry processes - 200 concurrent connections - 2024 IO speed

Advanced Plan : 12GB RAM - Unlimited CPU - 500 - Unlimited concurrent connection - Unlimited IO speed

Extreme Plan : Unlimited RAM - Unlimited CPU - Unlimited entry processes - Unlimited concurrent connection - Unlimited IO speed - Located on special high end servers

Super speed any plan for $5 more a month to be placed on our special high end servers. Available on checkout or as an upgrade in your account manager.

FFMPEG and the Easy Site Builder cannot be on the same plan. Make sure to only choose one if you decide to add any.