How To Build A Website

How to build a website

There's 6 ways most websites are built

Find your perfect path to the website you want. Sample links open in new windows for easy navigation. They're not listed in any order.

Online website builder

An online website builder is the easiest and fastest way to build high quality websites. Website builders normally have pre-made templates to start with or a general design to choose from. Our website builder allows for templates or a custom design from scratch. We recommend this option for web designers and beginners. It has easy to use plugins, and full E-commerce and blogging can be added with one click. Scroll down for more details or try our free website builder demo here:
Website Builder Demo

A CMS builder like WordPress

CMS stands for content manager solution. WordPress is the most common CMS and way to build a website. WordPress has thousands of paid and free templates and plugins available. It's considered the best way to run an advanced website. Other popular free CMS scripts are Joomla and Drupal. CMS apps can be difficult to customize to the look you want, but have unlimited possibilities.

Site publisher

Site publisher is the easiest way anywhere on the Internet to get a simple good looking small website or coming soon page live. The drawback is it only has a one page limit for now. We're working on adding more options and templates with cPanel. This is still a great way to add a parked, coming soon, personal image, or business card website. You can include contact information, resume, social links, and personal or business information.

Web builder program

Adobe's Dreamweaver will give you the most control over your website and more ability to add options later. This is how the high end professionals build a website. It is harder to learn and the most expensive option. We suggest Dreamweaver if you want to learn to have a strong long term web presence managed by you and professionals, or plan to make a career out of web design.

Shopping cart

Shopping carts normally take over your whole website. They're used to manage products, customers, and how your website will look. We offer Magento (the most popular cart on the web and owned by Ebay) and several others available with our one click app installer. There's thousands of templates available on the web for all the shopping carts we have. Keep in mind, you'll need a billing processor like Paypal or Authorize.Net to use with any shopping cart. Our online Website Builder also has E-commerce available that may be easier for you to use.

Scripts and apps

Technically WordPress and shopping carts are apps. They're just so common, they needed their own sections. There's also hundreds of other apps made for very specific websites. For example; if you want a social network there's hundreds of apps made just for social networking websites. Just like WordPress and shopping carts, most apps have several templates available and in most cases will take over the look and control of the whole website. Streaming video apps with FFmpeg require a VPS or Dedicated Server. This type of website requires a streaming video script that normally costs in the hundreds one time plus the normal domain and server fees. Turnkey video chat solutions can be used to build pay per minute (PPM) and tips for video chat type websites. Most video chat apps can be hosted by performers, models, consultants, teachers, personal trainers, tutors, therapists, mediums, tarot readers, spiritual healers, psychic readers, astrologist, herbalists, lawyers, financial / tax / legal advisors, technicians or other professionals that can provide remote assistance, interventions, shows and services.

Online web builder

Online Website Builder


Once you get the Website Builder plan, you'll see a new section in your account manager to build websites.
(You'll need a live registered domain for the Website Builder website to be seen on the Internet)

Live Free Demo: Website Builder

  1. Log into your account manager from any page on our website or with the link here: Account Manager
  2. In your account manager you'll see the Website Builder section
  3. Click on build website or view videos to learn more.

We recommend using the website builder unless you're already familiar with another method. It's the easiest and fastest way to build modern high quality websites. We have web designer resellers using this to sell websites for thousands of dollars.


WordPress (CMS)

Wordpress Site Builder


Here is how to install WordPress and get started.
(You'll need a live registered domain for the WordPress to work on your website)

Sample: Marketing Spot & Web Host Pro Blog

Log into your account manager from any page on our website or with the link here: Account Manager

In your account manager click > SERVICES > MY SERVICES

Click on the domain you want to build your site on.

Now on the left under ACTIONS click Log into cPanel

In cPanel scroll down to Softaculous Apps Installer and choose WordPress

This is the page where you can install and manage WordPress. There is also hundreds of other apps you can use like Drupal and Magento here.

Watch the how to install WordPress video here, if it's still a little confusing:


Site publisher

Site Publisher


Below is how to use Site Publisher.
(You will need a live domain for Site Publisher to work).

Log into your account manager from any page on our website or with the link here: Account Manager

In your account manager click > SERVICES > MY SERVICES

Click on the domain you want to build your site on.

Now on the left under ACTIONS click Log into cPanel

In cPanel scroll down to Site Publisher.

This is the page where you can choose the template and add your content.

Click publish and you're done.

Web builder program



Sample: Web Host Pro & Adobe

There's hundreds of web builder programs, but the most popular by far is Dreamweaver. There's also an older free one called NVU that's popular. Each web builder has a different way of using it, so we can't provide a tutorial on them. We can mention that all site builders will require your website FTP details. This is provided in your Welcome Email when you sign up and is also the same login as your cPanel.

The FTP host is your domain name once it's live.
The FTP username and password is made by the system and is located in your welcome email.

Shopping cart



Samples: E-commerce (shopping cart) apps

We have free shopping carts ready to be installed instantly with no work at all. Just click on Magento, PrestaShop, Cube Cart, Tomato Cart, or one of the others in your apps section and it will install the software for you. Then you just add products and connect your merchant account like Paypal to the shopping cart. ECommerce is free with all web hosting plans. Our website builder listed above also has E-commerce that's easier to use than a full shopping cart app like these.

Scripts and apps

Scripts and Apps


Sample: Biz Faves & Page Ranked

Scripts and apps mean the same thing, scripts is just the older term that was used. All plans include the Softaculous apps installer and manager for free. This is an easy app installer with improved support and has more up-to-date apps than any other app installer. With Softaculous, you can automatically install the most popular open source apps and hundreds more onto your web hosting plan in just a few simple clicks. This also comes with our reseller hosting packages so resellers can offer this feature to their clients under their own brand.

Keep in mind, there's thousands of other apps you can get online and use as well. Just make sure they're actively supporting and updating the apps or the app will inevitably become unsafe to use or have issues.

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