University college web hosting

University & College Web Hosting

We have a strong commitment to helping education all over the world. Universities and colleges can offer web hosting to their students so they can have a real life scenario with developing a website. Web Host Pro has provided thousands of web hosting accounts to several different universities, colleges, and trade schools.


Starting a website



We can take care of everything the school needs and send a list of the domains, usernames, and passwords. From there the student will have access to build and manage their website.

All plans come with cPanel, the leading web hosting industry control panel. The students will also have email, programming languages, and tons of tools to see traffic and manage the website.

We can do simple account billing to school credit cards, checks, and cash.

Please contact us directly by phone (213) 984-4678 or with our contact form.

You can view our Web Hosting plans anytime. The business plan is the most common, but the micro plan is fine for most situations. Feel free to contact us to discuss which is best for your school.

All websites that use a .edu domain get 25% off of all web hosting plans. Coupon code: EDU

We also donate old server hardware to schools, universities, and colleges. If you would like to be avialbale for our next domains please use our contact form.