Why Us?

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We're not your typical web host, we're more of a website business partner. We are constantly working on ways to help your web presence. From new tools and better performance to lower prices and helpful tips. We offer a full 45 days money back guarantee because we know once you get to know us you'll appreciate the personal touch, transparency, and unparallel performance.

More about Web Host Pro

We would like to think there is hundreds of reasons.

Realistically we have some benefits listed here that really stand out and will help you have a better web hosting experience.

Fast Web Hosting

Rated the fastest host

Our network is rated faster than 92% of the entire Internet according to Alexa and even faster by other sites like PageRanked.com. The number one reason visitors leave a website is because it's slow or does not load at all. Search engines like Google will even lower your ranking for being slow.

Less Websites Per Server

Less websites per server

Did you know other hosting companies put thousands of websites on one server? This is a ticking time bomb and can penalize you by lowering your ranking in search engine results. We cap our servers at about 200 websites. This way your site will never slow down because of the other activity of another site on your server.

Web Hosting Tools

The best tools available

We added the best web building and managing tools available anywhere. Tools like CPanel, our free website builder with templates. Our free scripts/app installer can add Wordpress , shopping Carts , and hundreds of other free apps with just one click.

Web Host Support

Friendly in-house support

At our Los Angeles and Las Vegas data center we have experienced and easy to talk to webmasters supporting your website 24 hours a day. Contact our friendly staff via chat, Skype, phone, ticket desk, or email. Video tutorials, manuals , and FAQ s are also available on every tool we have.


Fully scalable

You can upgrade or downgrade to any plan easily for no extra fees other than the plan difference. This is truly the cutting edge of scalability and makes your decision easy when starting. You can change your plan anytime!


45 day no risk guarantee

That's right, there's no catch. Try us today and if you want to quit anytime before 45 days are up you'll get a full refund with no questions asked what-so-ever. Click for details .

Flexible Billing

Flexible billing

We've been hosting sites since 2001. We've truly learned over the years how important a quality partnership is. We allow flexible payments and will happily change billing cycles to accommodate your needs anytime.


Safety and privacy

We believe if you want your personal information to be private then you should not have to pay a penny to do so. All domain registration and web hosting has free private whois.

Website Uptime

100% uptime

Our network has had 100% uptime since 2011! Something almost no hosting company can say. We do this by implementing a lower drop-off network. Our software monitors all of the major networks and keeps track of which ones are the fastest and most reliable. We then remove the lowest level networks and replace them with a faster network in real time.