With hackers getting smarter and websites getting more complex there is no better time to get a full back up of your website.

We made the process really simple for you too. In your CPanel just cick the back up Wizard and create a full back up. Then download it to your computer or even better a USB key or drive. If you are a business or have a personal site, keeping a full back up of your website on a USB drive is the safest way to protect your website.

We actually keep daily copies of all of our websites and desktops on a USB drive. 

You can never be too safe :0)

Our servers also have a three level backup system for all websites, so you are 99.9% safe. Just keep in mind, old emails and 200 mb or larger files are not backed up on the second and third level so those especially should be backed up locally.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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