New quick launch options

You may of noticed our new cPanel and webmail quick launch options in your active services section. If you see the structure jumbled or the links do not work, that's just because we changed the css, cookies, and backend code to enable these options. Which means, you might need to clear your history and cookies for web host pro to use and see the ... Read More »

11th Aug 2022
Software updates Sunday nights Pac time

You may noticed some hiccups on Sunday night 07/10/2022 and Sunday night 07/17/2022. We're doing some hefty software updates on all servers and there will be some reboots required. Downtime if a reboot is needed, will be less than two minutes. The updates will give a little boost in speed, reliability, and security.

10th Jul 2022
AlmaLinux 8.5 is now available

As CentOS fazes out, we've been watching where the new CentOS Eco system will go very closely and patiently. We don't want to start a new OS and find out it's not in it for the long haul or even worse, it's not safe. After 6 months of watching diligently, all signs point to AlmaLinux. AlmaLinux is managed by CloudLinux and several other major ... Read More »

6th May 2022
Special thanks to one of our long time customers!

We'd like to give special thanks to one of our customer's for helping us learn that TLS was in fact upgradable to TLS 1.3 in cPanel manually. We now have added versions¬†+TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.3 to all shared and managed cPanel based servers. If you would like to add support for TLS v1.3 on your cPanel server, please follow these simple steps. Log ... Read More »

2nd May 2022
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