What are the best control panels for my VPS or dedicated server?

cPanel is the best option for a control panel if price is not a factor. As you can see the price is much higher than other control panels.

  • Up to 5 accounts: Admin licenses are $19.00 a month
  • Up to 30 accounts: Pro licenses are $29.00 a month
  • Up to 100 accounts: Premier licenses are $45.00 a month with additional accounts at $0.20 each

We are suggesting if you don't want to pay the high price for cPanel, and don't want to manage another control panel yourself, to move the VPS or Server to a shared reseller account. We have prices here: https://webhost.pro/reseller-hosting.php. You will need the AdvancedR2 or ExtremeR2 reseller plans if you require a lot of power for your websites. 

You can also move websites to addon domains and keep less than 5 cPanel accounts, this would make the payment $19 instead of $29.

You can also change to Plesk or Interwork. These are lower priced control panels that are a little harder to use. You would get support and the license directly from them at this time. Prices start at about $10 a month.

If you want a free control panel, there is many options available and all are reliable good solutions. We suggest trying the demo for each one to see which feels the best for you. These are supporting by the control panel services directly at this time. Most have forums and allow ticket support for a small fee. We are narrowing down one of these to start training on. any feedback on one you recommend over the others is appreciated. We are leaning towards ISP Config at this time.


If you choose to switch to a new control panel, we will set up a new VPS or server for free so you can set up the new control panel and transfer everything over. You might want to see if the control panel has a way to transfer from a cPanel server server.

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