Can I use Microsoft FrontPage?


Yes, FrontPage by Microsoft at this time still does work, but the extensions do not. Microsoft stopped supporting FrontPage many years ago, so you might want to try an alternative.

Here is two programs like FrontPage that might be better for you.

There is also NVU which is very old. 
Microsoft also had Expressions but recently removed it. If you can find a copy, this might be the closest to FrontPage.
DreamWeaver is the most popular by far way to build a website on Windows and Apple computers. It is also about $20 a month as of now.
Most people are switching to WordPress web based web building. We have this for free with all web hosting plans. Just make sure to optimize and secure WordPress since it is also the most hacked type of websites on the Internet. We can do this for free, just add a ticket after you add WordPress asking us to optimize and secure it for you.
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