My cPanel link is not working with my new VPS

If you have a new VPS or server and are wondering why you can't access cPanel or WHM, it's probably because it's not installed.

By default VPS servers just have the operating system with root access. To add cPanel you would need to login with a SSH program like Putty. Once you log in, you need to install two things.

1. You have to update the OS like this: (Make sure and choose yes when it asks for approval)

yum groupinstall base

2. Install cPanel: (This takes about an hour or two to install depending on the speed of your VPS or server)

mkdir /home/cpins
cd /home/cpins
sh latest

Once it's installed, you will be able to access it by adding /whm after your IP

3. In some cases the server will block you after installing cPanel. If this happens please go here on how to unblock servers and access: 

How to unblock your server

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