The best business credit card

The best business credit card

Web Host Pro has tried a lot of business credit cards and none give the the cash back and easy to use tools as the Capital One business card.

Instant activation online with a tax ID number or social security number. 2% cash back on everything.

Get your Capital one business credit card

30th May 2021
Chrome will make HTTPS the default for incomplete URLs

Chrome will take a further step in HTTPS security in Chrome 90.The change will impact the Chrome Omnibox —the name Google uses to describe the Chrome address (URL) bar. In current versions, if the user types an incomplete URL  into the Chrome Omnibox, Chrome will load the domain via HTTP. Typing in, for instance, will take the user ... Read More »

25th Mar 2021
We will be doing a live update of our website this week

We apologize for the mess while we do a major upgrade to our web design. We expect being done by Wednesday 02/17/2021

We will keep everything as similar as possible.

14th Feb 2021
Thinking about easy and low priced Payroll?

We just switched over to Gusto for payroll and they have been great. If you want to do your payroll for the lowest price we could find but with modern tools and convenience, check them out. Use my link and get $100 visa card after running your first payroll. Thank you, and good luck in the new year! Charles Read More »

22nd Dec 2020