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The majority of our customers use credit cards and PayPal to pay for their web hosting and services. We also take other forms such as checks and Western Union. We have the most flexible billing in the web hosting industry. Payments and plan changes are welcome anytime; we're here to help you.


PayPal is one of the safest and most widely accepted ways to pay for your purchases on the Internet. It lets you use funds from either your bank account or a credit card. We suggest using Paypal for a fast account activation.

Credit card : Visa | MasterCard | Discover | American Express

The majority of our customers use credit cards to pay for their website services. Paying by credit card streamlines our billing process and helps us keep our prices the lowest possible.


You can simply send Bitcoin for all payments. When you purchase a product, choose Western Union / Bitcoin for the payment type when you check out. Then send the payment to the Bitcoin address listed here. We will apply the payment to your account within a couple of hours, if not right away. Existing payment invoices can also be paid with Bitcoin anytime. For all Bitcoin payments send to the Bitcoin address: 3BRY3eSajLaZ7rBh1QpBkT4keUyiiYWFfh

We also can take Litecoin and Ethereum payments by special request. Contact us

Check or money order

We accept check and money orders by mail. Please note there is a minimum purchase of $25 when using these payment forms.

Western Union

We accept Western Union for all website plans and registration. Web hosting prices are located here: Web Host Plans

There is a $27.00 minimum for all Western Union payments.

For payment details and the latest promotions, please check our Western Union Page.

×Current specials include additional discounts for longer-term payments with the website builder, web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. A free domain for the first year is included with one-year payments for the website builder, web hosting, and reseller plans.

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